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by Administrator - Monday, 14 November 2011, 9:10 AM

To All UniKL Bis Students,

All students MUST do pre registration of subjects (register subjects to be taken for the next semester). Students who fail to pre register their subjects now can only do so during semester registration next year and subject to availability of places and timetable clashing.

The online pre registration of subjects (Add and drop for next semester) will be open from 14th November – 20th November 2011.  

We have pre registered some of the subjects for you. Kindly do these:

1)      Check the subjects that we have registered for you.  

2)      If you are currently taking a subject, drop the subject for January 2012 and then add other   subject.

3)      You may add subjects as long as the total credits do not exceed 18 credits.

4)      You are strongly advised to register subjects according to the package offered for your group and should complete subjects from lower semester to avoid high clashing of timetable.  Refer to LIST OF OFFERED SUBJECT FOR SEMESTER JANUARY 2012 if you want to add more subjects.


Academic Affairs Unit

UniKL Business School