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Important Notice
by Administrator - Sunday, 26 January 2014, 1:35 PM


The LMS server is now back to service


Dear All,

UniKL LMS administrator will put site under the maintainence mode by the details below:

Friday :
Date : 24/01/2014
Time : 9AM-12:00noon

Date : 25/01/2014
Time : 9AM-5:00PM

Lecturers are not advisable, and if possible please do not UPLOAD any materials into the LMS from 23/01/14 to 26/01/14.

This maintenance mode is to make way for administrator to clean up, refresh the Learning Management Systerm server and part of preparation for the new coming semester.

LMS will be online as usual with its full services on Sunday 26/01/14.

LMS Admin